Marla R.

"Absolute amazing service. Like top notch 100% amazing people! It's hard to have a good pharmacy experience these days and I can tell you Brian's pharmacy is incredible. Brian is such a nice guy and his staff is amazing as well!"

Melissa N.

"Convenient clean and very nice family owned."

Jeremy C.

"Nicest pharmacy and nicest people I have ever shopped with very friendly to all that come in."

Blair J.

"Excellent customer service & very personable. They've went way out of their way, to help us. The best pharmacy that I've ever used."

Stephanie T.

"Brian and Marcus are wonderful! This pharmacy is the best in Arkansas!"

Erin C.

"Always prompt with refills and filling prescriptions. I've never waited more than 10 minutes. They also have very cute home decor and everything it need for personal care for great prices. Even cleaning supplies! Everyone there is friendly and listens to cinswrns and answers any and all questions you have about your medications. I'll never go anywhere else."

Luke G.

"Best pharmacy I have ever used!! The owner and staff are kind and courteous! Also, very quick filling your prescriptions!!"